• on May 29, 2021

Adopt a Grave

Churchyards are loved places and they are full of magic. They are full of history, of stories, of tears and of laughter. Despite their association with death, they resonate with life and memory. There are echoes of lives lived and lost but not forgotten.


All Hallows Church, Kirkburton wants to share the precious history of a place well-loved but in need of ongoing tender loving care with our community and beyond. The graveyards are a place of peace and sanctuary but they are also full of life and future promise. Visitors are always welcome but so are helpers.

This year the Church hopes to launch an ‘Adopt a Grave’ project. The aim is to enlist volunteers, young or old, to help maintain and revitalise the graves and the churchyard. The Church has already been given the Green Flag Award which reflects the hard work and commitment of the Graveyard team but we can do so much more.

As we prepare to launch the scheme we are looking to recruit a liaison officer to work with the Church, the Graveyard team and the Adopt a Grave project. This needs someone with commitment, vision and enthusiasm to bring our ideas to life. There are so many facets to a graveyard: it’s flora and fauna, ecosystems, local history and family stories, genealogy which spreads its tendrils worldwide, archaeology, land husbandry, planting and design and many more.

People with the talents we need live on our doorstep.

Please take the first step and volunteer to become involved with the future of All Hallows and its Churchyards. If this strange year of lockdown has done anything it has made us aware of what is just outside our door. It has made us look again at all those special places close by, revisit old haunts and discover new ones. We need a sense of belonging and sharing. All Hallows’ has a history that goes back a thou- sand years – let’s give it a future together.

Please don’t put this to one side and forget that flash of interest. You can contact me at georgina.dickinson @ hotmail.com or fionawakley@ btinternet.com if you are interested in the liaison post or just volunteering.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Georgina Dickinson

For more information on this project, go to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Living Churchyard Project

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